Mumbo Jumbo January 2017

Happy New Year from Key West, where it’s exactly 100 degrees warmer this morning than Livingston, Montana. However, an Arctic cold front is roaring our way and it may actually dip below 60 on Sunday night, bringing out the strangest array of wool hats, scarves and gloves you have ever seen. Locals will have turkeys in the oven to provide a little warmth and there will even be talk of canceling school. I guess it’s all relative.
I spent a perfect New Year’s Day with friends sailing on the beautiful schooner When and If, which was built in 1939 for General George Patton who once said that when the war was over, and if he lived, he would sail her around the world. He did survive combat, but unfortunately met his demise in a car accident and never got to fulfill his dream. If you get to Key West this year, you should consider getting out on this gorgeous 63-foot Alden Schooner. You won’t regret it!86c5bf9d-620e-4e35-b859-1c763d39379d

Tour schedule for 2017

I haven’t put out a newsletter since October, and now that the holidays have passed, I thought I would say hello and let you know what’s on my plate for 2017. Between now and mid-April, all my shows are here in Florida. Most of them are at the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon in Key West, but I will be heading to the mainland for a concert in Punta Gorda on Saturday, January 28, and another in St. Petersburg on Friday, February 10 (tickets at If you are in the area, please grab some tickets for these shows and come and see me.
On April 19, I embark on my annual circumnavigation of North America, which typically takes me through about 40 states and several Canadian provinces. We are working on putting the tour together now and will be starting to announce concert dates next month. If you know of a venue in your area, or interested in hosting a house concert, please send an email to and we will get right back to you.
Here is the scheduled routing for this year that will give you an idea when I’ll be traveling through your area:
APRIL 19 – MAY 7: Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Virginia
MAY 24 – JUNE 16: Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Idaho
JUNE 22 – JULY 16: Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York
JULY 17 – AUGUST 6: New England and Eastern Canada
AUGUST 10 – AUGUST 26: East Coast, Maine to Virginia
SEPTEMBER 7 – SEPTEMBER 17: East Coast, Mayer Kirby Mayer tour

A new studio CD!

So many of you have asked me in the past year when I might be recording some new material, so I’m pleased to tell you I’ll be going into a studio in Nashville in early May to lay down tracks for a new CD to be released in the fall.
I recently read a quote from a songwriter that said being able to make music with your friends is one of the most joyous experiences a person can have. I’ve been so lucky in the past getting to work with Russ Kunkel, Lew London and Dan Simpson on my studio albums. They are all great friends and incredibly talented musicians and producers.
My fellow New Englanders Matt and Andy Thompson (from the Massacoustics) have played on several of my CDs, and we’ve shared many stages and laughs around the country over the years. They’ve talked to me several times in the past about recording an album with them in their studio in Nashville, where they now live. They are both such fine musicians, singers and songwriters, and Nashville is home to so many friends and wonderful players we’d like to use on the record, and this seemed like the perfect time. They’ll be coming to Key West later this month to perform at the Smokin’ Tuna, so we’ll have some time to work on pre-production and perhaps they can help me finish a song or two.

What have got ourselves into?

What have we got ourselves into?

I think this picture says it all.

Speaking of CDs, the Mayer Kirby Mayer live CD, La Casa Cayo Hueso, will be available digitally on January 17! You can read about the CD and listen to the title track here.
Stay warm and thanks for listening!