Mumbo Jumbo August 2017

Chasing Hemingway’s Ghost released October 12

The release date for Chasing Hemingway’s Ghost is now October 12 of this year, and I am thrilled and thankful that so many of you have seen the music video of the title song on my website and social media. On Facebook alone, the video reached nearly 34,000 people in three days, shattering the number for anything I’ve ever posted, and many more have viewed it on the home page at If you haven’t seen it, please check it out, and a special thanks to Andy Thompson for producing the video and appearing in it with his brother Matt. We’re going to make another video in September for the song “The Unlearning,” so stay tuned for that.


Matt and Andy Thompson join me at the Ram’s Head and in Key West

I met Matt and Andy Thompson in 2000 when they came to Key West for the first time as the Thompson Brothers’ Band. They were in their twenties, with a song on the radio, a video on TV and a record deal with RCA, and I loved their music and songwriting from day one. We also shared the same twisted sense of humor and inclination to laugh at the absurdity of the music business.

We’ve always talked about writing and recording together, and this year the stars lined up and we got to do both. They’ll be performing with me at my CD release concert at the Ram’s Head in Annapolis on October 23 and again in Key West on November 2. About half the tickets for the Rams Head have already gone, so make sure you grab yours soon! Bob Doolittle and Gary Green will also be playing with us. Should be awesome!

Mayer Kirby Mayer Acoustic Group tour begins August 23

I always know when fall is on the way, because preparations begin for the Mayer Kirby Mayer tour with our harmonica wizard friend, Gary Green. We typically tour in September, but this year we have added some killer new venues and a couple of August dates. On Wednesday, August 23, we’re appearing at the Summer Music series in Madison, Connecticut. I played this oceanfront venue last year with my band and it was a special evening, so I’m looking forward to going back there.

I’m also thrilled to announce MKM will be coming to the Flying Monkey Performance Center in Plymouth, New Hampshire, on Thursday, August 24. The Flying Monkey has become one of the top music clubs on the east coast – this our first time there, so we’re hoping for a good showing. It’s a beautiful old theater right off Interstate 93, only forty minutes from Concord and an hour from Manchester, and very close to the beautiful lakes region of New Hampshire. Grab your tickets soon – we might even have a special guest at this one!

I’ll be returning to the road later this week to play at the Manayunk Brewery in Philly on Thursday night and then on to Virginia and Maryland for the rest of the weekend. Check my schedule for other August dates and for the Mayer Kirby Mayer September concerts.
Next month, the story behind the CD cover of Chasing Hemingway’s Ghost.
Thanks for listening!